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Besides having the necessary phone, computer and Internet connection, there is very little investment needed to become a Alorica at Home agent. Alorica provides full paid training course that will prepare you to work from home. Alorica at Home also provides a Performance Assessment Liaison or PAL. A PAL is the point of contact for our at-home agents who offers support through training and call processing.

Reference the list below to review what supplies you need.

  • Computer Type: PC compatible (no Macs)
  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 10.0 or Higher
  • Monitor Size: 17 inches or greater
  • Minimum OS Version: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
  • Minimum RAM: 1 GB or higher
  • Minimum Processor Speed: 1 GHZ (1000 MHz) or better on multi-core processors.
    1.4 GHZ (1400 MHz) on single-core processors
  • Minimum Graphic Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Sound card with speakers or headset for training audio (During call processing a headset that is attached to your phone is required.)
  • Internet Connection: DSL, cable, or fiber optic (no dial-up, satellite, or 4G wireless connections)

NOTE: DSL, cable, or fiber optic Internet connection is required. For security and stability reasons, wireless networks such as 802.11 A/B/G/N WiFi and Bluetooth are not supported for troubleshooting by the Alorica at Home Helpdesk. Phone must be a feature free POTS land line (no voicemail, answering machines, call waiting, etc.). Cell phones are also prohibited.

Tools FAQ
How can I make my home office an effective workspace?
  • Select a room free of distractions. This is important for you and your customers online. Background noise like the television, radio, or a dog barking can be distracting and unprofessional. You will hear each other more clearly and a quiet environment can help you stay focused on your task at hand.
  • Look for a place with comfortable conditions. You may spend several hours at a time in this room, so make it a comfortable place. This includes good lighting (add a desk lamp if overhead lighting is not enough) and appropriate temperature control. Don't forget a comfortable chair.
  • Create a spacious desktop. Look for a desk or table that is sturdy (one that can handle the weight of your computer and equipment) and at a good height. Give yourself plenty of space for your phone, headset and computer.
  • Be safety conscious. You have a lot invested in your equipment. You can protect your equipment from power outages and surges by plugging everything into a surge suppressor power strip. Keep your cords against the wall and away from traffic areas. Use a spill-proof container with a straw or lid; accidental spills can damage your PC.
  • Disconnect your headset and put it in a drawer between your work sessions - anything to keep your smaller equipment safe.
  • Stay organized. Find a method that works for you, maybe a desk calendar for tracking your time. Post important numbers like the toll free number for your PAL on your computer.
  • Remember that phones must be feature free (i.e. no FAX machines, fax tones, no caller ID, voicemail, answering machine, call waiting, etc.). You must handle one caller at a time. It is highly recommended that you obtain a second line especially if you have a home alarm, or security monitoring service installed in your home. We strongly encourage all employees to use a second phone number for your work line, so that personal calls do not interfere with your customer calls.
What is the Alorica at Home Helpdesk Assistant?

The Alorica at Home Helpdesk Assistant is a free diagnostic tool offered by Alorica that will check your PC to see if it is ready for a successful experience as a Alorica at Home agent by verifying the PC requirements are met. Helpful links are also included to provide you with access locations for downloading required free software.

NOTE: This tool will ask for a valid Alorica at Home User ID and Password, so you must have completed the application process to use this tool.

How will I receive communication from Alorica at Home?

Email is our primary source of communication to our applicants and employees, so please be sure to check your email often.


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